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Your loved one deserves the very best care. Inspire Care of CNY.

Our top priority at Inspire Care is to help your loved one live as independently as possible while still being safe and secure. We can tailor a personalized solution uniquely designed to meet your family’s needs. Our familiarity with local resources saves you time, and often money. Our compassionate understanding of the aging process saves you distress.

Give us a call at 315-447-3164 or email us at info@inspirecarecny.com. We’d be honored to assist your family in navigating elder care.

At Inspire Care we can help with Aging Life Care™ Management for your loved one as well as Physical Therapy.

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Aging Life Care™ Services

Aging Life Care services include:

– Assist family members and clients with all aspects of care to attain their maximum functional potential.

– Long and short term assessments to identify solutions, assistance eligibility, and need for further services.

– Implement and coordinate safety, medical and home services for the very best well being of clients.

– Partner with family for open communication, drawing from Inspire Care‘s extensive knowledge and experience.

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Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy services include:

– Personal and consistent physical therapy in the privacy of a client’s normal living environment.

– Education and instruction for caregivers in safe transfer, ambulation and exercise techniques.

– Home Safety Assessment for adaptations to maintain independence.

– Coordinate purchase and installation of appropriate equipment

– Liaison with the client, family and medical community.


If you think your loved one could use some extra help, give us a call at 315-447-3164 or email us at info@inspirecarecny.com. We’d be happy to talk about your situation and ways to meet your family’s unique requirements.

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